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First In America

We’re furthering our mission to make specialty coffee simple, enjoyable, and even more sustainable with our ‘first in the nation’ BPI and CMA-certified compostable espresso capsules, compatible with Nespresso original line machines.*

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Our Certifications



Biodegradable Products Institute



Composting Manufacturing Alliance


USDA Organic*

U.S. Department of Agriculture

*Select Metropolis Coffees.

Fair Trade*

Fair Trade

*Select Metropolis Coffees.

SQF Level 1*

Safe Quality

*SQF Level 1 now in process.

Espresso Capsule Brewer

The best espresso capsule on Earth… not so hot without an equally good capsule brewer. So we designed and built the best machine out there. Our brewer styles a single shot or americano intuitively, reliably and most importantly, safely.

Small Footprint. 110 Volt. UL-Certified.

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Precision Engineering

Our top-of-the-line Italian capsule filling system is optimized to fill and seal our compostable espresso capsules uniquely.

Grinding is timed to the filler, for ultimate freshness. The ground coffee, enclosed in a nitrogen-filled tube, prevents oxygen from diminishing the flavor, aroma, or freshness.

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Our filling machine utilizes AI and boasts a dazzling array of laser sensors, flow meters and scales to fill and tamp each espresso pod precisely and consistently.

But…our dear friend…the real magic is in the seal. Without a good seal, oxygen will inevitably seep in, spoiling the aroma and flavor of even the very best coffee. Our proprietary and customized approach to sealing allows us confidently to apply a 24- month shelf-life to our commercially compostable espresso capsules!

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*Metropolis is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso. Nespresso is a registered trademark of Socieěteě des Produits Nestleě.